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What is a telematics solution?

Telematics is the collection, distribution and visualisation of data both to and from a fleet of vehicles, drivers or assets. This data ranges from driver behaviour, location, engine information and more.

Why should I choose Ctrack over other providers?

Ctrack has been in the telematics industry for over 30 years, so there is a great deal of experience across multiple industries and vehicles in Australia and New Zealand. Ctrack can also tailor a flexible solution for your business based on your specific needs and to maximise your return on investment.

What’s more, Ctrack is part of Inseego Corp, a global leader in SaaS (software as a service), IoT (internet of things) and Mobile solutions. This continues to provide exciting opportunities for future research and development.

Why do I need GPS tracking? What are the benefits?

GPS tracking is a useful tool for any business with valuable resources, whether that’s vehicles, people or assets. It can help to improve safety and efficiency, as well as reduce running costs for your fleet.

Is it expensive?

Your investment very much depends on the simplicity or complexity of the required solution, and the number of vehicles. Ctrack’s team of product specialists will work with you to understand your business requirements so they can recommend the most suitable solution for you, as well as whether you would prefer to purchase the hardware outright or rent over a number of years.

Furthermore, Ctrack are committed to delivering a strong return on your investment through savings on fuel, vehicle maintenance, efficiency and more.

How will my drivers react to GPS tracking?

Clearly explaining the reasons for the decision to install GPS trackers and the benefits to drivers is an important step to take. This would help to allay any uncertainty amongst drivers. Ultimately, the solutions are designed to improve safety, security and efficiency which is advantageous for drivers as well as the wider business.

Is the Ctrack device fixed inside a vehicle or could it be easily removed?

The tracking device is installed behind or beneath the dashboard so it is not visible to the driver or anyone else using the vehicle. It is also very difficult to remove or tamper with.

Where is my data stored?

All data is stored securely in an AWS data centre which is hosted in Australia and ISO compliant.

How long does installation take?

For a basic tracking device in a regular vehicle in a metro area, an average installation time is around 1 hour.

Is installation available across Australia and New Zealand?

Yes, Ctrack have an extensive installer network covering both metro and rural areas of Australia and New Zealand.

How does the order process work?

Placing an order with Ctrack is simple. Once you have signed your paperwork, our team will work with you to arrange installation and training. The Ctrack customer team will then be available for any ongoing queries or support.