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What are Fuel Tax Credits?

Fuel Tax Credits (FTC) provide you with a credit for the fuel tax included in the price of fuel you use for your business activities. Eligible businesses are entitled to claim FTC for some of the fuel tax (excise or customs duty) included in the price of fuel acquired for use in the business, depending on when the fuel was acquired, the type of fuel and how and where the fuel is used.

Ctrack’s solution can optimise your Fuel Tax Credits calculations, enabling you to claim the rebates to which you are entitled with ease and confidence. We deliver market leading accuracy by combining and automating real-time telemetry data and vehicle information with detailed location and boundary analysis to determine your fleets exact operation and fuel consumption.

How it Works

Using your existing Ctrack equipment and data, the apportionment of your fuel by eligible FTC activities is calculated. Based on this apportionment and your fleet specifications, the necessary information is provided for you to enter into your Business Activity Statement, or you can apply the apportionment to your purchased fuel records.