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In New Zealand, Ctrack provide a seamless electronic Road User Charges (RUC) system that manages and automates your road user charges. Using new generation wireless technology, this solution electronically collects vehicle distance and displays the associated RUC licence in the vehicle. Ctrack delivers this solution using a NZTA certified eRUC provider who has conducted extensive testing throughout New Zealand to ensure superior reliability and accuracy.

How it works

The electronic RUC licence is displayed by the in-vehicle unit immediately after an online purchase. This means no more paper-based RUC licences are required.

If your vehicles go off-road, we make it easy to claim back your tax on those kilometres with automatic claim and refund management.

In addition to the electronic display in-vehicle, you also have an electronic record of the RUC Licence as proof of purchase, accessible anytime through a portal.

Benefits of electronic RUC

  • Maximise off-road refunds
  • Auto renewal function so you never run out of credit and are always compliant
  • Reduced admin time through automation
  • Get back on the road quickly with locally based installation technicians

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