Driver Behaviour

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The way your vehicles are driven has a major influence on fuel and maintenance costs. By monitoring harsh events such as acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding as well as harsh bumps, high g-force incidents and excessive idling, Ctrack provides you with driver behaviour reports so you can clearly distinguish between good and bad drivers.

Driver Behaviour Indicator

With an in-cab Driver Behaviour Indicator (DBI), your drivers get real-time feedback that encourages them to proactively improve their driving style immediately. The DBI is an in-vehicle device that alerts drivers to any infringements when on the road by displaying a series of traffic-light coloured warning lights.

How it Works

Green, amber and red lights display a cumulative number of warnings, while a sustained period of responsible driving will enable a driver to clear the lights. The device is linked to an advanced vehicle tracking system that includes a three-axis accelerometer that accurately identifies and records driving events and excessive behaviour. Offering real-time driver feedback, the DBI unit warns of a range of exceptions to encourage improved behaviour behind the wheel.

From harsh acceleration, braking and cornering to travelling too quickly over speed bumps and excess idling, our industry-leading driver feedback system can help organisations achieve a safer, more responsible and cost-effective fleet.