IAP (Intelligent Access Program)

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The Intelligent Access Program (IAP) is a transport industry initiative which has been established by the various road regulating authorities of Australia’s State, Territory and Federal Governments. This includes NSW RMS, VIC Roads, QLD TMR and TCA (Transport Certification Australia), the operators of IAP.

The IAP allows transport operators to gain access to the road network and increased payload in return for monitoring of compliance with specific access conditions via approved telematics.

Transport operators who participate in the IAP are granted with enhanced access to the road network by the relevant jurisdiction. Access may be in the form of carrying more mass, operating longer vehicles or more trailers, or driving during specific hours. This means transport operators may be able to travel on routes they would otherwise not be allowed to access.

This provides transport operators with an opportunity to maximise productivity, achieve greater efficiency with better turnaround times and higher profits by increasing road access or mass allowances.

Ctrack is a certified IAP Service Provider and can guide you through the set-up process, implementation and ongoing management for the relevant vehicles.