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Effectively manage fatigue, Heavy Vehicle National Law and Chain of Responsibility compliance with an Electronic Work Diary.

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Smart eDriver is a handy mobile app used to improve safety and productivity. It also supports your Chain of Responsibility (CoR) compliance. It’s easy to use, delivers greater data accuracy and provides an effective fatigue management solution for your drivers.

In an industry first, the Smart eDriver platform is fully compliant with all National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) standards and Basic Fatigue Management rules with the ability to integrate Advanced Fatigue Management solutions on request*.

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Learn how an Electronic Work Diary can benefit your business

Smart eDriver not only offers improved data accuracy and transparency for drivers, transport operators and authorised officers. It also gives businesses the opportunity to improve productivity and reduce driver infringements.

See more ways an Electronic Work Diary can benefit you.

Benefits for drivers

  • No need for time consuming paper logs

  • Automatically pre-populate some records to reduce data entry time

  • Log entries not restricted to 15 minute time blocks

  • Easily plan work and rest breaks with in-vehicle information

  • Simple and easy to use design

Benefits for operators

  • Transport operators will get real-time data, enabling a faster response to compliance breaches

  • Significantly reduce the administrative burden of paper records

  • Integrated Chain of Responsibility with fortnightly Exception Reporting

For more information, see our press release.

Smart eDriver 12.11.20


* Smart eDriver launched as a fully compliant solution on December 1st, 2020