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Clarity is Ctrack’s newest software solution, giving businesses the opportunity to maximise their fleet performance and improve operating outcomes.

Transforming telematics, so you can transform your business.

This platform is designed to make fleet management quick and easy, delivering actionable insights at a glance.


Keep your eyes on the road.

Clarity’s approach avoids overloading you with masses of data, so you can focus on common challenges such as driver safety and utilisation.


Unique functionality for the telematics industry


Delivers actionable insights through data visualisation


Quick and easy to use across web and mobile platforms


Clarity makes it quick and easy for you to get full visibility of your business, so you can respond effectively today and take preventative action for tomorrow.

Optimise fleet utilisation

Reduce fuel and maintenance costs

Increase fleet safety

Improve driving performance


With intelligent desktop and mobile applications, you can get valuable insights on your fleet and identify the root cause of problem areas like speeding.

Desktop features

Mobile features